The Best Beauty and Skin Care Gifts for 2020

The Best Beauty and Skin Care Gifts for 2020

The giving season is officially here – what’s on your shopping list?

At The Beauty Within, we love to give the gift of wellness whenever we can – and beauty of course! To help you do some smart shopping this season, we’ve tracked down some of our favorite gifts for both winter wellness and beautiful, youthful skin. Ready to explore our best wellness skincare and beauty gifts? Let’s shop!

The Beauty Within Winter Wellness Skin Care Gift Guide

The team at Beauty Within has gathered a growing list of our favorite, most trusted wellness and beauty products that can offer the best of beauty and wellness to anyone on your list. Along with being amazing gifts, these products are all-natural, holistically-crafted, and eco-conscious so you can shop worry-free.

But sometimes we want to give more than a gift, we want to give a feeling. In this gift guide, we’re focusing not only on the obvious benefits each gift brings but how our gifts will make our loved ones feel. What will you give this year?

Give the gift of confidence.

1. Laurel Skin Balance Serum and Effortless Cleanser
Better skin requires better skincare products. That’s why we love and recommend Laurel Skin products to all our clients, our friends, and even ourselves!

The Laurel Skin Effortless Cleanser and Balance Serum make an amazing duo for a natural skincare ritual. This gift is perfect for anyone in your life who wants to treat their skin better as they age, or even for younger family members who are just learning the importance of a quality skincare routine.

2. Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool and Mini Silicone Facial Cups Set and Brush and Bowl Set
For the friend who loves to DIY, these gifts make the perfect starter kit for an at-home skincare spa! Facial gua sha is a transformative skincare habit. Simple techniques can be learned by anyone and done at home to improve the tone of the facial muscles, reduce wrinkles, and encourage healthy circulation through the entire face, neck, and decolletage.

3. Cosmetic Acupuncture and Facial from The Beauty Within
The best confidence-boosting gift of all? A complete cosmetic acupuncture session and facial from yours truly!

During a cosmetic acupuncture session, we dive deep to understand not only the biggest skin concerns but why these issues are happening and what we can do to fix the root of the problem. Then, we do a completely personalized cosmetic acupuncture treatment and gua sha and/or cupping facial. We finish by recommending the best plan, products, diet, exercises, and lifestyle habits to keep up our healthy, youthful glow.

Contact us to purchase a gift certificate for your lucky recipient! 

Give the gift of relaxation.

4. Laurel Skin Honey Berry Mask
Nothing says “self-care” like a truly pampering face mask. Using the Honey Berry Mask from Laurel Skin offers both a moment of relaxation and a powerful enzymatic refresh to reveal your healthiest skin.

Laurel, the founder of Laurel Skin recommends to use this as a morning ritual for glowing skin, but we think it’s perfect for a relaxing ritual at the end of the day, too. 

5. Tree Napper Weighted Blanket from Bearaby 

If you’ve followed along with us for long, you’ll know that we are big proponents of beauty sleep! Getting adequate, restorative sleep – as well as taking needed breaks throughout the day – is not only crucial for your health but essential for healthy skin and graceful aging.

Sadly, so many of us struggle with getting the sleep we need. Even more of us struggle with stress and anxiety, which also wreak havoc on our skin. A simple and cozy solution could be found in a popular trend, and a very welcome gift: a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets claim to help ease us into a more restful sleep and melt away stress and anxiety. They work by applying gentle deep touch pressure to the body, which calms the nervous system. 

We love this version by Bearaby which is made with eucalyptus fabric. Not only does the eucalyptus fabric make the blanket super breathable and soft, but it is also the gentlest fabric for the skin. Give the gift of better sleep – and better skin – to a friend in need of some Zzzs.

6. A Yearly Subscription to Calm or Headspace.
Along with sleep, mediation is one of the simplest ways to care for your skin. Through meditation, we learn to relax the muscles of our face and improve healthy blood flow throughout the body. Meditation also reduces stress and lowers cortisol levels, thus improving skin tone and reducing breakouts and blemishes.

Despite all the positive research and press that meditation has gotten over the past several years, many people are still wary to try it or don’t know how to start. If you have someone in your life who might benefit from the power of meditation, a year-long gift membership to a meditation app like Calm or Headspace is a great way to help them get started. These apps also include workshops, sleep stories, and mood trackers to help you or your loved one stay on track with your mental wellness and holistic skincare. 

Give the gift of total body wellness.

7. Goodies from Moon Juice
Beauty is much more than skin-deep. In fact, the health and vitality of our skin is often deeply connected to our gut health and mental health.

The whimsical creators at Moon Juice have made getting the skin’s nutritional needs a fun and delicious daily habit. SuperBeauty is a beauty multivitamin that contains a range of nutrients, antioxidants, and compounds that support beauty and whole-body health from the inside out. Their Moon Dust range also includes a Beauty Dust – the perfect adaptogenic and herbal blend to add to a daily smoothie or water.

While Moon Juice doesn’t offer the personalized formulations of Chinese herbal formulas, these products make for a fun gift and a great daily healthy habit to start the New Year! 

8. A Beauty Within Treatment Package

For someone special on your list – or even treat yourself! – consider investing in a full package from The Beauty Within. Our package programs offer a dedicated set of treatments aimed to make substantial, lasting change for both your skin and your overall health.

With a treatment package, we can make major changes by: 

• reducing acne and scarring

• erasing wrinkles

• lifting areas of sagging and tone facial muscles

• improving skin conditions like rosacea

• regulating digestion

• reducing stress

• improving sleep

• enhancing immunity

• establishing a sense of happy wellbeing.

What a gift!

Wishing You a Well Winter!

We believe that all beauty starts with wellness. While we love to obsess over the latest trends and beauty tricks, we know that the key to feeling and looking fabulous is by restoring our health from within. We hope that no matter how you celebrate this holiday season, you continue to put your wellness first. Have a very merry winter of wellness!

P.S.! Want to learn more about the products listed here? Find these and more at the Beauty Within online store!