TBW Beauty

Aesthetic Acupuncture

Unleash your inner glow naturally with Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture! This ancient practice, deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a holistic approach to beauty that goes beyond skin deep. Not only does it rejuvenate your skin, but it also harmonizes your overall health. By stimulating specific points on the face and body, cosmetic acupuncture enhances circulation, boosts collagen production, and promotes relaxation.

Organic Facials

Our organic facials nourish and protect the skin barrier with healthy nutrients from botanical sources rather than stripping the skin. Experience a whole new kind of facial where each treatment is customized to suit your needs with farm to beauty skincare products for best results.

Our facials include: Botnia Bespoke Facial, Guasha + Cupping Facial, Age-Defying (Microcurrent) Facial, Buccal Sculpting Facial, Clarifying Facial and more.

Microneedling w/ EMS & LED

Experience improved skin with our brand new, state of the art microneedling device! This advanced treatment enhances your skin in multiple ways. First, it refines skin texture, leaving you with a smoother and more even complexion. Say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines as our treatment stimulates collagen production, restoring youthful radiance. It also strengthens skin elasticity, providing a firmer and lifted appearance.

 Enjoy minimized pores, thanks to the promotion of skin regeneration, giving your skin a refined and polished look. Perfect for sensitive skin, this treatment also features LED therapy to reduce redness and inflammation. Additionally, it accelerates healing, making it effective for wounds, acne scars, and blemishes, contributing to a clearer complexion. Elevate your skincare routine with our brand new microneedling treatment for radiant and rejuvenated skin!

Buccal Massage

This treatment is designed not only to lift and contour your facial structure but also to deeply relax and relieve tension, making it a perfect solution for those who struggle with TMJ or habitual jaw clenching. Our expert facialists employ a unique combination of external and internal oral techniques to access and massage the facial muscles that are often neglected. By focusing on these deeper tissues, we help release the accumulated stress and tension that contribute to fine lines, wrinkles, and facial tightness. The result? A noticeably smoother, more youthful complexion and a significant reduction in jaw tension and discomfort.

As your facial muscles relax and circulation improves, you’ll experience an instant lift in your facial contours and a dramatic boost in skin elasticity. This natural lift not only enhances your facial aesthetics but also promotes a healthier skin environment, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.