The Beauty Within Holiday Gift Guide

The Beauty Within Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time again – the holiday shopping season has arrived!

If you’re anything like us, you love to give meaningful gifts that support or empower the loved ones on your list. But, the rush of the holidays quickly gets overwhelming, and before you know it you’re standing in the grocery store check-out line with dozens of generic gift cards. 

Not this year! You have the help of The Beauty Within Holistic Beauty Holiday Gift Guide. Here you’ll find our favorite gifts for all the beauty lovers on your list. These gifts all help support beauty from the inside out, and encourage a year full of wellness, self-care, and natural beauty. 

Let’s go shopping! 

Our Top Holistic Picks for the Beauty Lovers on Your List

  1. For the California Girl: Laurel Sun Serum
    Price: $88
    Find it at:
    Käeen Organic Skincare
    Pair it with: your favorite beach read or a gift card to your local juicery for an antioxidant treat (we love Pressed!).

    Whether your lucky holiday gift recipient lives in California or is just a California girl at heart, Laurel Sun Serum is the perfect mid-winter gift. Many of us forget to protect our skin from sun damage in the colder months, but sun protection is still a top priority for any holistic skincare routine. 

    Laurel Sun Serum is a concentrated defense oil that helps repair the skin from year-round sun damage and oxidation. It uses healing botanical extracts (like Scarlet Pimpernel, Bilberry, and Chamomile) that have been proved by modern research and trusted by centuries-old plant healing traditions to give the skin its best defense against damage and aging. With regular use, this gift will give your California girl a bright, even skin tone and more supple-looking skin.
  1. For the Sleeping Beauty: Rose Gold Silk Pillowcases Holiday Gift Set
    Price: $89
    Find it at:
    Pair it with: a lavender bath balm for the ultimate sleeping beauty experience!

    Silk anything makes a wonderful gift for the friend who loves a touch of luxury – and a good night’s sleep!  This rose gold pillowcase set could lull anyone into a soothing sleep each night.

    Sleeping on silk pillowcases doesn’t just feel luxurious – it has some powerful skin, hair, and sleep benefits to boot! Unlike drying cotton or irritating synthetic fabrics, pure silk is gentle and non-allergenic, and it doesn’t pull or wrinkle your delicate facial skin. The silky texture also keeps both your hair and skin smooth and hydrated through the night. For those who struggle with acne or eczema, silk is both non-irritating and antimicrobial to keep breakouts and rashes at bay.
  1. For the Beauty Foodie: The Beauty Chef by Carla Oates
    Price: $35
    Find it at:
    Barnes and Noble
    Pair it with: a Japanese-style linen apron.

    At The Beauty Within, we know that true beauty starts on the inside. And that’s exactly what beauty chef and blogger, Carla Oates, has to say in her cookbook, The Beauty Chef.

    This book will delight anyone who knows that food is medicine. It is packed with 150 nutritious recipes that look as good as they’ll make you feel. The recipes are designed to fuel your body with the right nutrients to heal your mind, body, and gut so that your skin, too, can thrive. Carla bases many of her recipes and foodie philosophy on the same tenets of Chinese medicine: in balance, there is both wellness and beauty.
  2. For the Self-Care Experimenter: Josh Rosebrook Mini Mask Trio
    Price: $75
    Find it at:
    Käeen Organic Skincare
    Pair it with: A gentle organic cotton washcloth.

    Why give one mask when you can give three?! This mask set by holistic beauty expert Josh Rosebrook is the perfect gift for that friend who loves to try it all.

    This set contains three powerful face masks that can be used year-round. The Active Enzyme Exfoliator removes old skin cells to reveal healthy, glowing skin. The Cacao Antioxidant mask is perfect for detoxifying and cleansing deep into the skin. Finally, the Advanced Hydration Mask is perfect for skin that needs some extra hydration and is particularly helpful when traveling over the winter months. 
  1. For the DIY’er: Double-Sided Rose Quartz Roller
    Price: $40
    Find it at:
    Käeen Organic Skincare
    Pair it with: Silicone facial cupping set.

    For the friend who loves to DIY her skincare routine with all the best insider tools, this double-sided jade roller and silicone facial cupping set makes the perfect gift set or stocking stuffer.

    Jade rolling is an ancient beauty technique that uses a specialized tool (the jade roller) to massage the face. Using a jade roller regularly can help reduce puffiness, smooth fine lines, prevent wrinkles, and improve the texture and tone of the skin. How? Moving the jade roller along the face encourages healthy circulation of blood and lymph through the skin. It helps to filter out toxins, relax the facial muscles, and slow the aging process. Jade rolling can also help relieve tension, stress, and headaches!

    This jade roller works twice as hard with pointed edges on one side that stimulate key acupoints on the face. Pair it with the silicone cupping set for a DIY beauty lover’s dream gift! 
  1. For the Coffee Aficionado: Better Than Coffee Culinary TCM Tonic Bags
    Price: $40
    Find it at:
    Five Seasons TCM
    Pair it with: an artisan-made mug for joyful morning sipping.

    Coffee lovers can be hard to please. They know what they like, what they don’t, and often already have all the best coffee-making gadgets they could ever need. But what about giving them a new “coffee” experience this year?

    The Five Seasons TCM Better Than Coffee Culinary TCM Tonic Bag is the perfect gift for any coffee lover who also wants to live healthier in the new year. These tonic bags are delicious blends of Chinese herbs that five the same perky energy that a cup of joe does, but without the jitters, anxiety, or inflammation. In fact, drinking these tonic bags every morning (or instead of the afternoon cappuccino) will improve your focus, lift your mood, and improve your overall wellness.

    Plus, they work wonders for the skin! Coffee tends to be drying and inflammatory, which can lead to more breakouts, redness, and dry patches. Better Than Coffee tonic bags, however, are nourishing and cleansing to the skin. Say good morning to healthy, glowing skin!
  1. For the Overachiever: The Essential Mist
    Price: $65
    Find it at:
    Pair it with: a wellness journal or visit to The Beauty Within to help her put herself first.

    You know that friend who is always doing it all? She may seem like Wonder Woman, but below the surface is someone crying out for some meaningful self-care. Give her something special to make her feel rejuvenated in a moment’s time: The Essential Mist from YINA.

    This invigorating mist is a one-of-a-kind hydrating mist that goes beyond just refreshing the skin and helps combat stress, fatigue, and overwork. A spritz of The Essential Mist after a skincare routine, over a long flight, or before a big meeting is a perfect pick-me-up for any go-getter.

    What makes this hydrating mist so special? It uses an invigorating blend of antioxidant ingredients like white tea, rosewater, and probiotics, and Chinese herbs to revive the skin and wake up the mind. Ginseng and tremella offer powerful adaptogenic benefits to calm and nourish with a single spritz. 
  1. For Anyone: The Beauty Within Gift Certificate
    Price: $25-500
    Find it at:
    Contact Us to Customize and Purchase!
    Pair it with: a healthy, yet indulgent organic mint chocolate bar.

    With a gift certificate from The Beauty Within, you can give anyone on your holiday shopping list the gift of wellness and holistic beauty! We believe that everyone deserves to look and feel their best with the power of Chinese medicine and holistic skincare practices.

    Our services include wellness visits, cupping, gua sha, cosmetic acupuncture, microneedling packages, and more. But no matter what service they choose, they’ll be in for a treat…

    – Stress relief, productive self-care, and well-deserved “me-time”
    – Healthier, more vibrant skin
    – Anti-aging support and prevention
    – Targeted treatment plans based on their skin goals
    – Skincare tips and product recommendations 
    – Better sleep, digestion, and moods
    – Improved overall well-being

Happy Giving from The Beauty Within!

Don’t let stress and overwhelm keep you from giving something wonderful this year. Treat your beauty-loving friends to one of these wellness-inspired gifts and encourage them to find their own beauty within. 

Interested in giving a lucky someone a visit to The Beauty Within? Purchase a gift certificate for a loved one here, or book your own visit today!