Sustainable Skincare: The Best Beauty Practices for Your Skin and Mother Earth

Sustainable Skincare: The Best Beauty Practices for Your Skin and Mother Earth

Should you “go green” with your beauty care?

From non-toxic cleaning products to organic foods to slow fashion, the push for a more sustainable skincare and lifestyle is stronger than ever. But the sustainable movement isn’t just for our homes and refrigerators – it applies to our skincare and beauty products, too. 

Unfortunately, most conventional personal care products are made in a way that poses big problems for the health of our skin – and Mother Earth. Chemical additives create skin irritation, endocrine disruptors throw our hormones off balance, plastic packaging overflows landfills, and poor manufacturing practices put others at risk. 

Green beauty, or clean beauty, asks us to choose more eco-friendly products to protect both our skin and the planet. And while making this shift to more environmentally-conscious products takes a little patience and an open mind, it’s more than worth it! 

Here, we’ll take a look at the simple habits and practices you can adopt to make smarter choices when it comes to sustainable skincare. Get ready to become a green beauty pro!

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The Best Beauty Practices to Become a Sustainable Skincare Pro

Your skin deserves the best that nature has to offer. But finding natural products that work isn’t always easy. Here we’ll review the best beauty practices to maintain healthy skin and keep the planet safe.

Support brands that care about sustainable skincare

Shopping small and eco-friendly has a huge ripple effect. You’ll boost your own health, support businesses that are making positive changes, and reduce your impact on the earth.

Thankfully, these days there is no shortage of compassionate, sustainable skincare brands to find your next go-to item. When you’re looking for quality brands, look for terms like organic, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, plant-based, or zero-waste.

You can also seek out brands that are doing their part, and then some. For instance, La Mer donates a portion of their proceeds to Blue Heart Oceans Fund and uses only sustainably-sourced sea kelp in their products.
These warm, active days can mean increased sweating and oil production for the skin. As the skin acclimates to spring, it is important to keep the skin clean and clear to prevent breakouts and clogged pores.

Sustainable Skincare Packaging
Opt for reusable over one-use

Anytime you can reduce or reuse, you’re taking a step towards sustainability. One of the easiest ways to reduce your single-use products and support sustainable skincare is with makeup wipes.

Makeup wipes may be easy, but they’re not so easy on the planet. In fact, makeup wipes take over 100 years to break down in a landfill! Not to mention, makeup wipes use chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils which can actually lead to increased breakouts and an imbalanced skin pH.

There’s a better way to wipe off the day’s grime! Instead of conventional makeup wipes, make yourself a set of reusable organic flannel wipes to use with a cleaning oil, like almond or rosehip. The flannel is gentle on your skin, while the tiny fibers and oil trap and wipe away any residual dirt or makeup. You can find flannel at your local fabric store, or online.

Consider packaging

Wherever possible, buy products that come in paper, cardboard, glass, or foil packaging instead of plastic. Go the extra mile and shop at a zero-waste store for body basics like soap or oils. If you’re local to southern California,  try The Nada Shop in Encinitas. They have an impressive selection of not just your basic soap bars, but facial serums, detoxifying clays, moisturizers, toners, haircare, and nearly every other sustainable skincare product you could want!

Sustainable Skincare Wateruse
Reduce your water usage

Having a thorough self-care routine is great, but be mindful of how much water you use from start to finish. Turn off the tap while you massage in your cleanser, apply your body scrub, or brush those pearly whites.

Go green slowly

If you’re ready to go all-in with sustainable skincare and beauty, power to you! But, if using natural products is new to you, it’s better to take it slow. The best way to be sustainable with your beauty routine is to make small changes that you can keep up with. As with anything, finding a new favorite skincare product can take time and a bit of trial and error. By starting with one or two items to swap, you’ll make sure you don’t burn through your patience (or your budget) all at once.

On that note, a little patience with your natural swaps goes a long way as switching to more natural products can take some getting used to. You may find that when washing your hair with a more natural shampoo, it doesn’t lather as much as you’re used to. Or that your new eco-friendly deodorant needs to be reapplied in the middle of the day. This is normal. Chemicals and additives are what make those conventional products work so well – but they’re also what could make us and the planet sick.

Sustainable Skincare Home Care
Try face food!

What’s face food, you ask? It’s all the wonderful things that Mother Nature offers us to heal and nourish our skin, straight from the vine.

Avocados and honey make an amazing facial mask. Coconut oil quickly hydrates dry skin. Essential oils like frankincense and tea tree offer a wide range of beauty benefits. The list of natural ingredients you can use to boost your beauty is endless – and most of them are probably already in your kitchen!

Cosmetic Acupuncture: The Most Sustainable Skincare Around!

Modern research shows that acupuncture’s benefits go much further than relieving pain or calming stress (although it works excellently for both of those issues). Acupuncture helps to improve a wide range of health conditions, prevents chronic illness, and heals your skin of course!
As we wobble into the new season, acupuncture can help us get a steady footing. Rather than feeling thrown off by the seasonal shifts, you could feel energized!

By including cosmetic acupuncture in your self-care routine, you can slow the signs of aging and reduce your need for costly creams or procedures in the future. And, because acupuncture works by stimulating your body’s natural healing resources, there’s no need for chemicals.

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Sustainable Beauty Looks Good on You!

We love to support people in finding a holistic beauty lifestyle they love. Along with providing expert cosmetic treatments at The Beauty Within, we also help you discover the natural skincare products and habits that are right for your skin and beauty goals.

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