Spring Skin Secrets: What Your Skin Needs in Spring

Spring Skin Secrets: What Your Skin Needs in Spring

In winter, skincare is all about hydration and rest. In summer, sun protection and anti-aging treatments reign supreme. 

But how do we care for our skin in between, during those dewy, windy, warm spring days?

Adjusting your skincare routine in spring is just as important as hydrating your skin in the colder months, or protecting your skin from hot summer rays. 

Ready for some spring skin secrets? Here we’ll explore the best Chinese medicine tips to care for your skin during this spring transition!

How to Shift Your Skincare for Spring 

In Chinese medicine, spring marks the transition from the dark, cold, and restful yin phase of the year to the bright, warm, and active yang phase. During this time, it’s normal to want to “shed your skin” and feel motivated to take on the world. 

In many ways, our skin loves the spring. This season is less harsh and gives our skin space to breathe. As we become more active and energized, our skin benefits from better circulation and our happier moods.

But, there are a few new challenges that we need to consider to give our skin a healthy start. Here’s how to care for and protect your skin in spring:

Spring skin needs a fresh start.

With the warmer temperatures and longer days of spring, you’ll likely want to be spending more time outside being active. This is fantastic for your body and mind! But, it can cause trouble for your skin if you don’t take caution.

These warm, active days can mean increased sweating and oil production for the skin. As the skin acclimates to spring, it is important to keep the skin clean and clear to prevent breakouts and clogged pores.

  • Beauty Within Tip: Cleanse and Hydrate 

The obvious way to fight breakouts and blemishes is to wash your face regularly. Be sure to cleanse each night before bed. This helps to remove any excess oils or debris that has clung to your skin throughout the day. Cleanse and moisturize again after you’ve had a particularly sweaty exercise routine or have lathered up the sunscreen to enjoy a walk at the beach. 

You know us, though. We’re all about healing the skin from the inside too! And that means staying hydrated. Drinking fresh water throughout the day will allow your skin to detox while staying moisturized. Give your regular water a fun “boost” with flavorful skin-healthy ingredients like cucumber, green tea, or fresh mint!

Spring skin needs relief.

After a busy winter (and a hectic year) our skin could do with a little calming relief. Not to mention, those spring allergies, pollens, molds, and wind can make your already delicate facial skin irritated and inflamed.

If you suffer from seasonal respiratory allergies, your skin may need extra relief. A runny nose and watery eyes often mean you’ll be touching your face more often than usual. The more you touch your face, the more likely it is to irritate, pull at, or transfer dirt and bacteria to your skin. This clogs the pores and makes skin even more vulnerable to breakouts and infection.

In Chinese medicine, Lung health is closely related to the health of the skin. If your Lung system is congested and irritated from seasonal allergies, it’s likely your skin will follow suit.

  • Beauty Within Tip: Calm Irritation from the Inside Out

To keep spring allergies at bay and inflammation to a minimum, start within. A Chinese herbal formula like our Immune+ can help you combat your seasonal allergies and calm inflammation throughout your entire body. You’ll breathe easier and feel more energized, all while supporting your skin.

Eating right can have a huge impact on your skin’s spring health, too. If you’re prone to irritable, inflamed skin, take a closer look at your diet. Remove foods that are inflammatory in nature (like sugar, alcohol, saturated fats, and refined grains) and focus on cooling, calming choices instead (like lots of vibrant fresh fruits and vegetables).

Spring skin needs prevention.

With spring comes new opportunities to have fun, be more active, get outside, and take on the world. Unfortunately, all this new activity can put your skin at risk of damage if you don’t prepare properly.

Spending more time outside? Don’t forget the SPF. Even if the weather isn’t too hot, or isn’t that sunny, your skin is still exposed to UV rays that cause damage, early aging, and increase your risk of skin cancer. Be sure to use a non-toxic sunscreen anytime you go outside.

  • Beauty Within Tip: Create a Spring Skincare Routine

Protecting your skin doesn’t just mean slathering on sunscreen. It’s about how you support and care for your skin on a daily basis.

In addition to protecting the skin with a quality sunscreen, a spring skincare routine helps relieve stress to prevent pesky spring skin woes like irritation and dryness. Having a dedicated ritual also ensures you carve out at least a few minutes for self-care each day – a crucial element for truly healthy skin!

Not sure what to include in your ritual? Here are some of our favorite ways to relax and renew, in addition to your typical cleanse-and-moisturize habit:

• Set the mood by spritzing a spring aromatherapy blend.

• Use facial gua sha to release tension and stress while erasing wrinkles.

• Turn on a spring rejuvenating meditation or sit in quiet for 15 minutes.

Acupuncture: The Best Spring Skincare Secret 

While there’s no right or wrong time to try acupuncture, the change of seasons offers a great opportunity to start. When the seasons shift, our bodies (and skin!) are slightly more vulnerable to imbalances. We are more likely to experience surges in stress, digestive issues, sleep trouble, skin breakouts, or feel all around exhausted.

As we wobble into the new season, acupuncture can help us get a steady footing. Rather than feeling thrown off by the seasonal shifts, you could feel energized!

At The Beauty Within, we use specialized cosmetic acupuncture and holistic facial techniques to target specific problem areas. Then, we use traditional acupuncture, herbal medicine, and lifestyle advice to help you feel amazing from the inside out. 

Here are just a few ways cosmetic acupuncture helps you put a “spring” in your step:

• Acupuncture helps you combat skin issues before they start so you always look your best. 
• Acupuncture helps you maintain a regular sleep cycle, a strong immunity, and healthy digestion so you always feel refreshed.
• Acupuncture helps you release stress and restore your energy so you can take on the world after your sessions. 

Spring Beauty Starts Within

Spring is the perfect time to shake off that old winter skin and step into a fresh new you. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to clearer, calmer, and healthier skin in spring and beyond. 
Is your skin craving a total refresh? We can help!  The Beauty Within specializes in helping your skin’s natural beauty shine through with custom Chinese medicine and acupuncture programs.  Book your consultation to start your path to more radiant skin!