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Virginia M.

I used to think that the aging process could not be stopped. That was until I was introduced to cosmetic acupuncture. Maybe this is too honest for a review, but my vanity and fear of aging had me considering Botox, vampire needling, microneedling, chemical peels, facials, purchasing scrubs, masks, lasers, and a face lift. I am so glad I learned about cosmetic acupuncture. The results are astounding. I have been under Lydia's care for two months now. At the start I was going once a week but have doubled my appointments to two times a week because I am eager to continue the improvements. My skin is noticeably brighter, pores smaller, fine lines minimized, and my unfortunate adult acne flair up that left scars has been fading away.



I sought out Lydia to work on my crow's feet around my eyes and on an old acne scar on my chin. I was so surprised that even after one session I noticed a change. My face had a glow immediately after the treatment, too! Lydia gave valuable facial rejuvenation tips and suggestions like which high quality, clean face products to use and some at-home techniques I can incorporate into my daily regimen. She is extremely knowledgeable about facial rejuvenation and I'm confident she will get me and my face to where I want it to be!


After completing the 10 sessions, I can honestly say I'm completely satisfied with my results. The fine lines a much finer (some completely gone), my pores have reduced in size (big plus!), acne scars greatly reduced, and I've noticed even & glowing skin tone. Interestingly, I've also noticed that my skin feels softer and my face products absorb so much better; I'm normally very dry but products tended to just sit on my skin before. I've had many compliments as well from friends and family remarking I look younger and my skin looks more vibrant. 
Now that I've completed the initial 10 sessions, I plan to see Lydia every 1-2 months to maintain my results. I highly recommend you see the very talented and stunning Lydia for your best skin yet. My only regret is not seeing her sooner!


Lydia is so kind and eager to help with any ailments you might have. After seeing Lydia consistently, I started to see improvements in my Psoriasis, back pain, joint pain and my general wellness. 

Her new location is small, which makes it very private. I loved the privacy and loved having the ability to lay down on the beds, especially because they are nice and warm. 

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