How Virtual Skin Coaching Can Improve Your Skin

How Virtual Skin Coaching Can Improve Your Skin

Many have turned to at-home skincare treatments in the era of social distancing and spending more time at home. Although you may have found your favorite evening face mask or attempted morning Gua Sha, when it comes to managing skin concerns and crafting a personalized skincare routine, you may feel lost on what to do. 

How Virtual Skin Coaching Can Improve Your Skin

What are the benefits of virtual skin coaching? 

Virtual skin coaching can offer the tools you need to understand your skin, get to the root of your concerns, and receive a treatment plan that will help you reach your skincare goals. 

Saving time and money

Visiting a clinic or receiving a luxurious skincare treatment may not fit into your budget or schedule. However, a virtual skin consultation with our professional staff, it takes only 50 minutes and happens in the comfort of your home. Your session can be scheduled in-between meetings, on your lunch break, or while your little one naps, allowing you to make time for yourself without compromising your time and resources. 

A virtual skin consultation makes skincare accessible. 

A Personal Approach 

A virtual consultation offers a personal approach to skincare. Your one-on-one consultation can feel even more intimate than visiting a center. Just you and our skin expert, in your own home, free from distraction. 

During your session, you will have the opportunity to open up about problem areas, skin concerns, and goals. Our experts garner an overall perspective on your health and the root cause of your skin concerns. They will then offer recommendations and share their professional opinion to help you find a routine that works for you.

In the end, you will gain an intimate understanding of your skin and its unique needs. You will have the confidence to find beauty from within and heal from the inside out. 

The world of skincare products can leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed, especially if you deal with troubled skin or unique skin concerns. Booking a virtual skin consultation can save you time, money, and frustration by learning to understand your skin and its unique needs. 

The Beauty Within can help you get the results you’re after without ever having to leave your home! 

What To Expect From A Virtual Skincare Consultation with The Beauty Within

During your 50 minute session with our experts, you’ll have the opportunity to share your skin concerns, routine, and your goals. After assessing your skin, we will offer product recommendations, diet and lifestyle suggestions, herbal prescriptions (as needed), and show you various techniques and tools to offer additional support for your skin, all from home. 

Our skin expert can help you target any skin type or specific skin concern, such as: 

  • Acne
  • Scarring
  • Breakouts
  • Large Pores
  • Sagging skin
  • Dry or Scaly Skin
  • Drooping eyelids 
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Discoloration 
  • Uneven Skin Tone

Product Recommendations

We will help you craft a perfectly curated skincare regimen with products from some of our favorite clean product lines such as Laurel Skin, Botnia, and Josh Rosebrook. 

Diet and Lifestyle Suggestions

The health of your skin is often a reflection of your health within. We will offer diet and lifestyle recommendations to improve not just your skin but your overall health. 

Herbal Prescription

Traditional Chinese Herbalism is an ancient and profound form of medicine. Predating pharmaceuticals by thousands of years, herbal formulas have been used to balance and heal the body. Herbs work synergistically to fit each patient’s unique needs to create an effective and efficient treatment without unwelcome side effects.

After assessing your skin and discussing your health goals and current symptoms, we will utilize herbal wisdom and evidence-based information to create a custom herbal formula and treatment plan. 


Acupressure works similarly to acupuncture; to harmonize the balance of energy in the body, offering a variety of benefits and promoting overall wellbeing. You will learn to practice an acupressure routine that benefits both your face and body during your session. 

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Gua Sha

Were you gifted a beautiful gua sha tool because a friend or family member knows you love self-care? Maybe you’ve tried it a few times, but you’re feeling lost on how to use it properly? During your session, you’ll learn how to harness its power with ease, so it’s more than a pretty bathroom decoration. 

Gua sha is a method of gently scraping the surface of the skin and muscles to; relieve tension, promote circulation of blood and lymph fluid, increase collagen production, and strengthen the immune system. Gua sha has become popularized as an effective facial rejuvenation technique. However, it can also be used for common ailments such as; neck and shoulder tension, head tension, sore throat, cough, painful or tired eyes, lymphatic drainage, thyroid disease, sore muscles, tendonitis, and anxiety. This luxurious facial can boost Chi (energy) circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce facial puffiness, increase collagen, lift, sculpt, massage the face, and much more!

We like to think of Gua Sha as the Eastern Botox or the Eastern Facelift as this skincare treatment offers similar results but is both needle and knife-free.

Girl’s Night In 

Are you looking to connect in a unique and luxurious way virtually? 

The Beauty Within’s virtual facials offer a modern approach to a spa experience within the comfort of your own home.

Whether a birthday, work event, bridal party, or a significant upgrade to a Zoom or facetime happy hour. We will introduce you and your friends to the art of Gua Sha and how to experience this traditional healing technique at home. 

By the end of your virtual session, you’ll have a complete understanding of the proper way to use your Gua Sha tool. You will be able to harness its full benefits: to relieve tension in the muscles, boost blood circulation, and encourage lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and detoxify the face, all from home. 

Learn the beauty and ease of this at-home skincare treatment while having a fun Girl’s Night In!

Improve Your Skin From Home With The Beauty Within

At The Beauty Within, we want to show you how it is possible to achieve your most beautiful state using natural modalities that do not involve toxins, foreign agents, or going under the knife. Learn how achieving internal balance in your health can ultimately help radiate your beauty inside and out with our Virtual Coaching Sessions.

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