I want to show people how it is possible to achieve your most beautiful state using natural modalities that do not involve toxins, foreign agents or going under the knife and show how achieving internal balance in your health can ultimately help you look beautiful on the outside.

My interest in cosmetic acupuncture began for selfish reasons. As I approached my 40s, my skin started looking dull and lusterless with more and more fine lines starting to emerge. That's when I began to start experimenting with different holistic beauty modalities. Just like any other lifestyle change, whether it's for weight loss or for general health reasons, I started to change the way I think about taking care of my skin. Skincare is like fitness. If you do something for your skin every day, it's impossible not to see results. It's a lifestyle change. My skin is looking better than it's ever been and the people around me always ask me what my secret is. With this practice, I plan to show my clients how I transformed my skin with healthy lifestyle changes and holistic facial rejuvenation techniques.


Meet Lydia


Lydia Au, L.Ac., MSOM is a licensed acupuncturist with practices in Orange and Irvine, CA. She graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and continued her studies at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. While at SCNM, she focused her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and graduated at South Baylo University with honors.

After practicing as an acupuncturist for nearly a decade, her interest in holistic facial rejuvenation began when she started experiencing issues in her own skin. Experimenting with different holistic skincare modalities, she was astonished at the amazing results she yielded without invasive procedures. Lydia has trained with world renowned holistic facial rejuvenation experts such as Amanda Shayle of AcuRegen in the U. K. and Dr. Martha Lucas of MeiZen Skincare.


Kim’s great love for beauty has connected her in the industry for almost two decades. She began with Christian Dior at the age of 19, obtained her esthetician license in 2005 and eventually became the owner of a successful beauty salon in Minnesota. 

However, she didn’t know then that looking young doesn’t always mean feeling young. She suffered from a health condition and was unable to continue running the business. After selling it, she moved back to California. On her journey toward healing, she discovered Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her obsession with health and her love for beauty introduced Kim to cosmetic acupuncture and she fell in love. 

Wanting to introduce her patients to a way to age gracefully yet holistically, Kim trained extensively in Korean cosmetic acupuncture techniques and also under the world renowned cosmetic acupuncture practitioner, Dr. Martha Lucas of Mei Zen Lifting Protocol. She obtained her masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at South Baylo University, where she received numerous awards for clinical and academic excellence.


Meet Kim

kim le-nguyen, L.Ac


Have you had invasive procedures
and need support to maintain your results?

Are you looking for a natural solution for healthy cosmetic procedures?

Are you suffering from acne or breakouts?

Are you experiencing uneven skin, dullness or skin discoloration?

Are you seeing increased fine lines & wrinkles on your face and neck?

Do you want to look 5-10 years younger?




Virginia M.

I used to think that the aging process could not be stopped. That was until I was introduced to cosmetic acupuncture. Maybe this is too honest for a review, but my vanity and fear of aging had me considering Botox, vampire needling, microneedling, chemical peels, facials, purchasing scrubs, masks, lasers, and a face lift. I am so glad I learned about cosmetic acupuncture. The results are astounding. I have been under Lydia's care for two months now. At the start I was going once a week but have doubled my appointments to two times a week because I am eager to continue the improvements. My skin is noticeably brighter, pores smaller, fine lines minimized, and my unfortunate adult acne flair up that left scars has been fading away.



I sought out Lydia to work on my crow's feet around my eyes and on an old acne scar on my chin. I was so surprised that even after one session I noticed a change. My face had a glow immediately after the treatment, too! Lydia gave valuable facial rejuvenation tips and suggestions like which high quality, clean face products to use and some at-home techniques I can incorporate into my daily regimen. She is extremely knowledgeable about facial rejuvenation and I'm confident she will get me and my face to where I want it to be!


After completing the 10 sessions, I can honestly say I'm completely satisfied with my results. The fine lines a much finer (some completely gone), my pores have reduced in size (big plus!), acne scars greatly reduced, and I've noticed even & glowing skin tone. Interestingly, I've also noticed that my skin feels softer and my face products absorb so much better; I'm normally very dry but products tended to just sit on my skin before. I've had many compliments as well from friends and family remarking I look younger and my skin looks more vibrant. 
Now that I've completed the initial 10 sessions, I plan to see Lydia every 1-2 months to maintain my results. I highly recommend you see the very talented and stunning Lydia for your best skin yet. My only regret is not seeing her sooner!


Lydia is so kind and eager to help with any ailments you might have. After seeing Lydia consistently, I started to see improvements in my Psoriasis, back pain, joint pain and my general wellness. 

Her new location is small, which makes it very private. I loved the privacy and loved having the ability to lay down on the beds, especially because they are nice and warm. 

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