3 Chinese Medicine Beauty Concepts that Prove Beauty is More than Skin Deep

3 Chinese Medicine Beauty Concepts that Prove Beauty is More than Skin Deep

Chinese medicine offers us a wealth of ancient wisdom – from how to live with the seasons to managing severe chronic illness, there are methods and logic to everything. And of course, Chinese medicine’s teachings on natural beauty are no different! 

In fact, beyond the basics of cosmetic acupuncture, herbal medicine, and a healthy diet, Chinese medicine has several unique concepts that help us tap into our natural beauty even more. 

Here we’ll review three 3 Chinese Medicine Beauty Concepts that are unique to Chinese medicine: the shen, peach blossom luck, and Chinese face reading. Then, we’ll learn how to use these concepts to enhance your beauty from within!

The Shen: Why Spirit Makes Us Beautiful 

So much of the skincare world is focused on treating specific issues, like spot-treating a blemish or erasing a fine line. But Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM) skincare looks at the bigger picture – and that includes not only your skin but your “shen.”

What is Shen?

The shen is an important concept in TCM, the original mind-body-soul medicine. It describes the essence of your emotions, mind, and spirit.

When the shen is healthy, we are vibrant and happy. Our eyes are bright, our presence is warm and inviting, and we feel alive. A healthy shen effortlessly radiates through the body as the glimmer in one’s eyes or the glow of healthy skin.

Unfortunately, stress, overwork, and illness have a big impact on the shen, preventing this inner light from shining through. Our eyes lose their sparkle and we seem distant or empty. The skin becomes dull, tired, and lifeless. We may develop skin conditions or age faster. 

With a more scientific lens, we see that chronic stress and emotional imbalances lead to increased cortisol, which then triggers issues like inflammation, acne, and aging. Have you ever been so stressed that you woke up to a bright red pimple? Or experienced a particularly difficult year, just to look in the mirror and feel like you aged five? This is the effect of stress on beauty- and the shen.

Nurture Your Shen for Enhanced Beauty

Thankfully, there are many ways we can boost our natural beauty, just by nurturing our shen. Adopt these simple self-care habits to restore your natural spirit and energy:

  • Exercise daily to blow off steam and clear your mind. 
  • Eat foods that support your gut health and brain health. 
  • Indulge occasionally in a treat you love to add some playful joy to life. 
  • Get regular acupuncture to manage stress and enhance your natural beauty. 
  • Try mindfulness meditation to keep stress low. 
  • Practice heart-opening yoga, tai chi, or dance to balance the emotions and feel more alive.
  • Spend time each day doing something you truly enjoy. 
  • Dedicate at least 10 minutes each day to healthy skin self-care to nourish your skin and soothe your shen.

Peach Blossom Luck: The Beauty ‘X’ Factor

Some people just seem to radiate beauty effortlessly. You know the type – those people who walk into a room and light it up instantly. They could wear an evening gown or old sweats and still look amazing. No matter the situation, they just seem to captivate others with charm and natural beauty. 

Well, their secret is not just good genetics or some revolutionary skincare routine. It’s peach blossom luck. 

What is Peach Blossom Luck?

Peach blossom luck, or simply peach luck, is the concept that with the right energetic balance, you can attract love and beauty into your life. While it is most commonly used in feng shui, it has roots in Chinese medicine.

People with excellent peach luck are incredibly charming, charismatic, and engaging. They easily attract positive attention and are simply a joy to be around. As such, they tend to have great luck in relationships and marriage, as well as with their own self-worth and self-love. 

Peach Luck and Beauty 

Why does having good peach luck correlate with feeling more naturally beautiful? Because with good peach luck, your shen is healthy and vibrant. You can clearly see how beautiful you are and stop hiding. You light up a room with your confidence, and your positive, beautiful energy is infectious to all those around you. 

So, is peach luck something you have to be born with? Or is it something you can practice and cultivate?

The good news is that it is always possible to change your peach luck. And who wouldn’t want to feel more naturally beautiful, confident, and alluring?! Here are some simple ways to bring more peach luck, beauty, and friendship into your life:

  • Meditate and visualize a more confident, radiant you. How do you hold yourself? How do you speak? What does it feel like? Try to bring that version of yourself to life in small ways until it feels more natural.
  • Try a peach blossom luck feng shui cure for your home. 
  • Enhance your self-love with the power of rose quartz. A rose quartz gua sha tool can give your daily skincare routine an added boost of confidence. 

Chinese Medicine Face Reading: Road Map to Health & Beauty 

Chinese face reading, or mien shiang, is an ancient practice that views the face as a map. Each section connects to a different organ system, giving us valuable information on what our body needs to thrive

As an expert in facial rejuvenation and cosmetic acupuncturist, I use Chinese face reading as one way to form a treatment plan for my patients. By looking at their faces, I can better understand what is happening below the surface and create a plan to address the root issues. 

But, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy the benefits of Chinese face reading. You can use a Chinese face map to get a bird’s eye view of your entire body and make simple changes to help. Here are some key things to consider:

  • Where do you notice issues? What is the organ correlation?
    Find the area you tend to struggle with most on a Chinese face reading map. What body area does this region correspond to? 
  • What is happening in the area?
    Is there dryness? You may need more moisture. Is there redness or blemishes? There is likely inflammation. Is the region pale? That organ system could be lacking energy.
  • How can you encourage balance?
    Once you know the organ systems that are most imbalanced, and the troubles they are facing, consider what you can do to boost that organ system.

    For instance, if you have inflamed breakouts on the forehead (which corresponds to the digestive tract), you might shift your diet to more anti-inflammatory foods and reduce your intake of spicy food, alcohol, and sugar.

    For another example, if you notice dullness and dryness around your chin (the reproductive area), you could drink nourishing herbal teas for reproductive health and focus on getting more rest. 

Finding True Beauty with Chinese Medicine

True beauty is more than skin deep – it comes from within. The Chinese medicine concepts of shen, peach luck, and face reading help us take a more holistic approach to living a naturally beautiful life. 

The Beauty Within offers holistic beauty plans inspired by these ancient concepts, as well as the latest in modern beauty research and skincare. We formulate beauty plans that are designed to offer the highest level of individualized, natural care for your unique skin. The result? An easy-to-follow self-care program that helps you become the best version of yourself – inside and out. 

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